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Debu Nayak performances on Youtube. You can search by his name and get all his performances. Enjoy!!

Debu playing DhireKite with Gaurav Muzumdar at concert in Bhopal, India Part 2

Debu and Soumya Debu practising at home

Debu and Shri Gaurav Muzumdar playing at Smithsonian institution

Watch the Oct 9 performance !!!

Debu and Shri Gaurav Muzumdar get invited for  Lecture and Performance in Baldwin Wallace College Debu and Shri Gaurav Muzumdar get invited for playing for Peace on Gandhi Jayanti Debu accompanying Shri Gaurav Muzumdar and Smt Mahua Mukherjee
Debu performed at Bhopal with Shri Gaurav Muzumdar,some rave reviews from leading indian newspapers.
Debu's passion for tabla finds place in Little India Magazine (monthly magazine for Indian Americans)